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Hello! My Name is Solomon Serry. I am a Front-End Web Developer based out of Toronto. I love building and creating so whether its hitting pads on my MPC or writing code endlessly, I enjoy every second of it.

In my spare time I enjoy creating music. I'm a self-taught producer that makes hip-hop and alternative style beats. One of the main reasons I enjoy coding so much is because the process of designing a site gives me music production vibes.

If you would like to get in contact with me, please hit the contact area and feel free to send me a message. There is also a music section at the bottom of the page if you would like to hear some of my work.



Snapshot of web page for .wavv muisc

.WAVV// Music

Used React concepts to create a music app that takes the users input and gives them back song choices based off the input. Designed a cover flow for the album art and a media player to play music. Also created error handling, UI design, user authentication and real time database(via Firebase integration)


Multi page website design, using HTML and SASS. In this project I translated a static design image into a functional website. To provide a good experience for the user, I also made this site responsive across multiple devices and screen sizes.

Snapshot of Textile materials, sewing kit and scissors
Snapshot of web page withe Pokemon and info about Pokemon

Pokedex Random Generator

Worked with third-party APIs, JavaScript DOM manipulation to create a Pokemon pokedex random generator. Created error handling, UI design and demonstrated competence in pair programming and communication.


Pauline Sulit

The Movie App

Used React concepts (ie. state, props, components) to create an application that displays movies in order of current popularity. Once movie has been clicked by user an overview will be displayed. Using the movie database API I also created error handle and UI design.

Snapshot of web pages with several movies on the front
Snapshot of landing page with several fruits main page

Nutrition Navigator

Used React concepts to create an application that takes user input and displays data about user choice. This App also give user the choice to compare different choices and save item (via Firebase integration). Also communicated with a group of developers, delivering a fully functional product on a timeline, and collaborating on GitHub.


Abdul-Abdi & Bart Batalinski


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image of person popping there collar


This is Solo Doe'Lo

Beats exclusivly produced by Solo Doe'Lo and GoSoloMusic.




Million Dollar Baby Prod. By Solo Doe'Lo

Get The Bag

Lake Erie Prod. By Solo Doe'Lo

Hardly Knew Him

Fire Off Rodeo Dr. Prod. By Solo Doe'Lo

Still The Best Out!!


If you would like to talk about anyone of my projects or would just like to chat about anything, please feel free to send me a message.

I'm available to chat whenever! Just drop a comment, question or if you like... maybe some basketball analytics, fav anime (AOT anyone!!!) or anything to do with music.

Thanks for dropping in!